• To provide excellent and comprehensive health services.
  • To increase University’s registered alumni membership.
  • To provide professional psychological services through development prevention and rehabilitation process.
  • To manage financial allocation prudently and at the same time to comply with the University’s financial procedures.
  • To ensure effective and efficient transportation facilities to students.
  • To provide accurate information on student financial sponsorship
  • To improve the quality of counter services.
  • To ensure student activities and training are of good quality with regards to their contents and impact on students.
  • To enhance awareness and to assimilate entrepreneurial culture among students.
  • To train students to be good and competent leaders.
  • To enhance students' awareness on the prohibitions and their rights stipulated under university's law.
  • To assist residential colleges to provide better accommodation and meals.
  • To cultivate unity among multi-racial and multi-religious students.
  • To enhance communicative interaction between students and the Student Affairs Division.
Last Update: January 03, 2017