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SKPG 2.0

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Program Pembangunan Kemahiran Siswa (PPKS) also known as Student Skills Development Programme (SSDP) is one of a programme that had been approved by the management of University of Malaya and reserved for our students.

For your information, there are a lot of benefits that will be gained by students who participate in this programme such as they will enhance their soft skills and the most sure part is they will get learning experiences while working with us. Besides, they also can grab this opportunity to get extra income so as to survive the campus life in the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. In order to polish their talents in working field, they also can help the management of our beloved university to run smoothly by providing their efforts and helping-hand to create the surrounding of student friendly and as addition, they could be as university's platform to explain and deliver a lot of useful information to their friends about our objectives, breaking news, and services offered for them. Last but not least, we definitely aware that as students, they will need a lot of me-time in order to put their effort at the best level so they can complete their studies within a given period of time but as far as they concerned, they will need fund to achieve those dreams. As a good student affairs,we hope all the needed students will grab this opportunity as we offered this job for part time (maximum 15 hours a week) or full time (maximum 30 hours a week) working hours with a reasonable payment per month.


Those who have an interest to apply for this position so as to prepare themselves before entering the world of work (subject to the terms and conditions), you may download all the attached documents below or contact Employability & Entrepreneurship Unit, Student Affairs Division, University of Malaya in case if you're looking for further information.

 Salbiah Sirajudin
Miss Salbiah Sirajudin
 Head of Unit
 Senior Assistant Registrar
 03-7967 7067

 Sholeh Rashid 2
Mr. Muhammad Sholeh Mohd Rashid
Assistant Administrative Officer
 03-7967 3505