The RM18.8 million Perdanasiswa Complex is built on a 1.7 hectare site with a built-up area of 13,296 sq meters. The complex, which consists of seven office blocks and houses a secretariat and seminar room facilities, began operations in the middle of 1995. The  Perdanasiswa complex is an interaction centre and the pride of University of Malaya undergraduates.

The complex also houses a cafeteria, post office, the university’s information technology centre, cooperative bookstore, consultation unit, cultural unit and room for cultural practice and rehearsals. 

Other facilities available in at the Complex are as follows:

A U T O M A T E D  T E L L E R  M A C H I N E



P O S T  O F F I C E

Post-Office 1

A L U M N I  K I O S K

Alumni Kiosk 1

A L U M N I  L O U N G E

Alumni Lounge 1

S T U D E N T  E X P E R I E N T I A L  &  L E A R N I N G  C E N T R E (SELC)


W A L T E R  B A R B E R S H O P

Barbershop 1

U M E C  L O U N G E

UMEC Lounge 1


Etiqa 1

C H O C O L A T E  S P A

Chocolate Spa 1

Last Update: July 02, 2018