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Registration Procedure

1. Fill up Accommodation Form
2. Settle rental deposit (if applicable) at the General Office counter 
3. Collect room key

1. Ensure all personal belongings have been taken out
2. Room must be clean 
3. Ensure expensive items are not left in the college. The college is not responsible for any damage/loss of students’ belongings 
4. Pay rental (if applicable) at the General Office counter
5. Sign on Verification Form and return the key to the General Office

Student’s Welfare

To get responses to all complaints on damage, students are required to fill up the Complaint Form that can be obtained from the office counter and the form needs to be submitted to the College Office counter soonest possible

Please report to Fellow-on-duty on health cases so that the Fellow can take the resident to the clinic or University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC).

It is the responsibility of each resident to prevent fire. Fire drills will be held from time to time. It is COMPULSORY for all residents to participate in Fire Drills.

Residents must contact Fellow-on-duty or any Fellow who lives near their rooms.

Important Directory

important numbers
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Last Update: June 23, 2017