Open House Fiesta (FRENSTER12) is an annual program organized by the Action Committee Dr. King's College residence. Nazrin Shah since 2007.

Fiesta Open House will incorporate 13 college project that will take place within two weeks, starting from March 3 2016 to March 6 2016 and will involve a total of 2500 inmates Residential College Dr. King. Nazrin Shah and other senior University.

Fiesta Open House provides an opportunity for the University and external community to get to know the identity of Dr. King's Residential College. Nazrin Shah through interesting projects to be organized.

The participants were primarily occupants Residential College Dr. King. Nazrin Shah given the opportunity to participate in all the activities that will take place throughout the festival thus can interact with each other.

This could indirectly enhance relations between the participants as well as an unforgettable atmosphere in Dr. King's Residential College. Nazrin Shah.


Advisor : Dr. Rohayati Binti Paidi

Exco :

Director : Ahmad Adib Bin Nordin
Deputy Director 1 : Nur Izzati Amirah Binti Yusoff 
Deputy Director 2 : Sarah Kamelah Binti Samsunar 
Secretary : Nur Fadhilah Binti Mokhrizal 
Vice Secretary : Marsya Maisarah Binti Abdul Ghafar 
Treasurer : Kisamtry Devi Kalaichselvan 
Vice Treasurer : Sri Loshana A/P Srimuralitharan

Divisions :

Head of Protocol : Athirah Diyana Binti Zulflida
Head of Technical : Muhamad Shahril Bin Mohd Shakri
Head of Publicity : Lily Sabreena Binti Mastura
Head of Sponsorship : Thina Devi A/P V.Subramaniam
Head of Special Duties : Hasbullah Bin Abdul Rahman
Head of Shop and Exhibition : Nurin Fatini Binti Zakaria

Last Update: March 30, 2017