Fifth Residential College

Daya Sari Residential College is the fifth college built in University of Malaya to accommodate students. The Fifth College was officially opened by Prof. Francis Morsingh in June 1966. 

On the 20th December 1986, the college was officially renamed to Daya Sari Residential College. The name Daya Sari is derived from the word "Daya" which means initiative or energy and "Sari" means quality. The combination of "Daya Sari" portrays the promotion of any quality initiative in the Fifth College. 

The college also accommodates PALAPES students beginning from the 1997/98 session. The unity, dedication, hardwork and harmony of all the residents are the main thrust of our success. The college continuously strives for excellence in all areas we participate in.

Residential College Fact Sheet
Residence Open To: Undergraduates / Postgraduates
Number of Tenants: 847 tenants
No. of Blocks: 3 blocks for female students, 2 blocks for male students
Accommodation Rate: RM 6.50 per day (Undergraduate)
Accommodation Rate: RM 12.00 (Single room) and RM10.00 (double room)

Meeting facilities at Fifth residential college

VIP's room accommodates 10 - 30 pax
A, B, C, D, E block meeting room accommodates 10 - 50 pax

Catering services at  Fifth  residential college

VIP's room accommodates 30 pax

Dewan Puspasari  Hall 

Buffet accommodates 2000 pax


Astaka accommodates 2000 pax
  • “Astaka”
  • Cenderasuri room
  • A, B, C, D and E activity rooms
  • PALAPES activity room
  • TV room
  • Band room
  • Mayangsari room
  • Tennis court
  • Takraw court
  • Basketball court
  • Futsal court
  • Multi purpose court
  • Student rooms types – single, double, triple, dorm, flat
Contact Information
Residential College Official Facebook :
Tel : +603-7956 7948
Fax : +603-7956 0121
Last Update: June 20, 2018