Seventh Residential College


The Seventh Residential College, also known as Za'ba Residential College was officially open by Datuk Dr. S. M. A. Alhady on 1975. It is named after Malaysia's great nationalist Zainal Abidin Bin Ahmad. Currently it houses and provides meals to over 800 undergraduate students.

The motto "Kami Bersatu" (We United) is an indication of the blending of multi-racial students co-existing harmoniously under one roof. Balai Za'ba (Za'ba Hall) is considered the most prominent feature of Za'ba Residential College. Every year, students put on a performance on this prestigious stage and such events are cherished as a life-lasting memory.


Residential College Fact Sheet
Residence Open To: Undergraduates
Number of Tenants: 845 tenants
No. of Blocks 1 block for male students, 3 blocks for female students
Accommodation Rate: Without food - RM 6.50 per day
  • Tennis court
  • Sepak Takraw court
  • Basketball court
  • Utility court
  • Mini market
  • Photocopy centre
  • Prayer room
  • Balai Za’ba
  • Multi purpose room
  • Study room for disabled students
  • Kafeteria
  • Food stalls
Contact Information
Residential College Official Facebook :
Tel : +603-7956 7946
Fax : +603-7956 3432
Last Update: June 20, 2018