First Residential College


First Residential College (Tunku Abdul Rahman Residential College) is the oldest residential college in University of Malaya. It was built in 1959 and was comprised of 3 blocks, namely block A, B and C. Since the pioneer batch of only 28 students who resided in this college, the college has grown to house 265 students. The pioneer batch mainly consisted of third year students from the faculty of arts and the faculty of engineering, who were previously based in the Singapore campus. With the growth of students, the year 1971 saw two new blocks built, block D and E, which can host up to 270 new students each.

Initially, the First Residential College only housed male students, but in 1968, the college opened its doors to female students, who were put up in block A, with their male counterparts occupying blocks B and C. The number of students who stayed here grew rapidly and reached 700 and today it regularly houses over 800 students.

The college's first annual magazine, prima was published in 1965. KTAR news was published in 1969 and was subsequently replaced by Sinar ASTAR in 1980. Currently, ASTAR's magazine is fondly named PERTAMA. In 1992, alumni were established to unite ex-residents of ASTAR, and were headed by Yb. Datuk K. Pathmanathan as its first president.

The college was initially named First College, being the foremost residential college to be built in UM. The name was subsequently changed to Kolej Tuanku Abdul Rahman (KTAR), in honor of the first D.Y.M.M Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Abdul Rahman Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Muhammad. In 1978, KTAR was changed to Asrama Tuanku Abdul Rahman (ASTAR). In 1993, ASTAR was also known as First Residential College.


Residential College Fact Sheet
Residence Open To:  Undergraduates
Number of Tenants: 828 tenants
No. of Blocks 3 blocks for female students, 2 blocks for male students
Accommodation Rate: Without Food - RM 6.50 per day

Meeting facilities at 1st residential college:
1) VIP's room:   accommodates 10 - 30 pax
2) A block meeting room :  accommodates 10 - 52 pax
3) E block meeting room :  accommodates 10 - 40 pax

Catering services at 1 st residential college:

1) VIP's room
 accommodates 30 pax
2) Patio  
    - Buffet :  accommodates 50 pax
    - Round table :  accommodates 30 pax
3) Tun Perak Hall   
    - Buffet :  accommodates 500 pax
    - Round table :  accommodates 250 pax
4) Laman Santai  
   - Buffet :  accommodates 100 pax
   - Round table :  accommodates 60 pax

802 tenants
802 tenants
802 tenants
accommodates 50 pax
accommodates 50 pax
accommodates 50 pax
accommodates 250 pax
accommodates 250 pax
accommodates 250 pax
accommodates 250 pax
accommodates 100 pax
accommodates 100 pax
accommodates 60 pax
accommodates 60 pax
accommodates 60 pax
accommodates 60 pax
  • Computer lab - computer and internet services
  • Netball court
  • Multi games court
  • Study hall – Anjung Ilmu Astar (aia)
  • Futsal court
  • Waiting room
  • Accommodation triple/twin sharing basis
  • Flats for officers
  • Pantry in every floor of every blocks
  • Water boiler, water cooler, laundrette (coin system) in every block
  • Wireless internet access in most areas
  • Technical room
  • Cultural wardrobe and musical instruments
  • Traditional dance, kompang and gamelan performances
  • Tv room and astro services
  • Music studio
  • CUBE Astar
  • Surau
  • Bilik Serbaguna Astar
  • TV room
  • Seminar room
Contact Information
Residential College Official Website :
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Tel : +603-7956 7898 / 603-7967 3415
Fax : +603-7956 6117
Last Update: January 29, 2019