ZALORA is inviting students University of Malaya to be a Partner Institution of the ZALORA Scholarship. ZALORA is the leading online fashion retailer in the region, headquartered in Singapore. Founded in 2012, the company has a presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. The scholarship is applicable to all countries we operate in, excluding Thailand and Vietnam. Fashion is the core of our business – we offer an extensive collection of High Street fashion brands for men and women.



ZALORA recognises the importance of empowering the communities in which we operate in. Through this programme, we hope to seek and nurture talent through exposure to the industry. As such, we are awarding one student from each country who holds a strong academic background and displays bold creativity with a grant of RM 7000. As we believe that scholarships provide a platform to turn a passion into a profession, the ZALORA Scholars will also be offered a summer internship at one of our ZALORA offices during their semester holiday. The ZALORA Scholarship is an opportunity for students to focus on their education and gain valuable insights.



As a Partner Institution, University of Malaya will be featured on our scholarship website. There is no cost for students or universities to enter the scholarship. There will also be no bond to ZALORA. To ensure fairness, employees of ZALORA and their immediate family members are not eligible for the scholarship.



We are constantly gathering a diverse and innovative team of creative and analytical individuals who are ready for a challenge. We are open to new ideas from them and understanding how their problem-solving abilities can be applied to the e-commerce industry. As such, the ZALORA Scholarship invites students to send in their original interpretations of the title, “Redefining the Future of Shopping”. The entry that is most compelling and exhibits the most creativity and relevance to the title will be awarded the scholarship. Applications are open until 30 September 2017.  The application and entry submission portal can be found on our website:


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