Counseling, Career and Disability Services

The Counseling, Career and Disability Section offers various types of services and has specific function in operating its roles and responsibilities; namely the counseling function, the career function and the disability resource function. The counseling function is to encourage undergraduates to make independent decisions, to improve their skills and to build their self confidence, to overcome obstacles and to look for ways to bring positive changes within themselves. Besides offering remedial services, the program run by the Section also places emphasis on developmental and preventive aspects in realizing ones potential.

Counseling sessions are conducted in a safe, conducive environment and upfront manner. Discussions held between students and counselor are kept private and confidential.

The Career function is aimed at providing various career skills to University of Malaya’s students and those graduating. The skills include career development, how to scout for jobs, training and skills that would help to prepare them for the employment after they graduate.

Besides, career development services also encourage students to identify their self-interests, strengths and weaknesses, values, capability and expertise and how to access information on jobs suitability, qualification, remuneration etc.

The Disability Service function is to provide variety of services and to assist students with disabilities to become active members of the University community.  Services very according to the type and level of impairment of each student.

Last Update: June 28, 2018