Student Legal Services


1. Legal Advisory Services

  1. To provide legal advice on provisions relating to student matters in the following :-
    1. University and University Colleges Act 1971.
    2. University of Malaya Constitution, 1997
    3. University of Malaya (Student Bodies) Statute 1979.
    4. University of Malaya (Discipline of Students) Rules 1999
    5. University of Malaya (Student Health Services Scheme) Rules 2003
    6. All other documents relating to student affairs.
  2. Student Disciplinary Matters
    1. To act as the Secretariat for the Disciplinary Board on all student disciplinary matters.
    2. To act as the Secretariat for the Student Disciplinary Appeal Committee in all Student disciplinary appeal matters
  3. Awareness programmes for students on rights and prohibitions in the University

To conduct roadshows to disseminate knowledge/awareness on students' rights and prohibitions under the law.

Last Update: August 01, 2018