To manage all aspects on insurance coverage under Group Family Takaful Plan for students of Malaysian nationality. This encompasses:

  1. Ensuring awareness to students on their rights to insurance claims;
  2. Providing advisory services on procedures to claim; and
  3. Managing applications for claims.
For these purposes, University of Malaya has engaged Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad to provide insurance coverage under the Group Family Takaful Plan. In this Plan, each student only need to pay an annual premium of RM12.00. 
 No Skop/Manfaat Perlindungan   Jumlah Pampasan
 1  Kematian Biasa/Penyakit  RM 10 000.00
 2  Kematian Kemalangan  RM 25 000.00
 3  Keilatan Kekal Menyeluruh Biasa  RM 10 000.00
 4  Keilatan Kekal Menyeluruh Akibat Kemalangan  RM 25 000.00
 5  Keilatan Separa Kekal Akibat Kemalangan  RM 25 000.00
 6  Perbelanjaan Perubatan Akibat Kemalangan  RM 1 500.00
 7  Perbelanjaan Pengebumian  RM 1 000.00
 8  Kos Penghantaran Pulang Jenazah  RM 1 000.00
 9  Manfaat Elaun Wad Hospital Akibat Kemalangan
(maksimum 45 hari)
 RM 1 500.00
Procedure for Claim due to Accident or Illness 

In the event of an accident or illness, a student or parent/next of kin shall:-
  • notify the Student Affairs Office, University of Malaya as soon as possible;
  • contact the officer / staff in charge;
  • provide information based on the checklist and attach any relevant supporting documents. Forms which are incomplete or without relevant supporting documents will not be considered;
  • make copies of the supporting documents using A4-sized paper and certified by an officer from the Professional & Management Group (such as Dean / Director, Deputy Dean / Deputy Director, Lecturer or Administrative Officer) from the respective Faculty / Academy / Centre or an officer other than from the University with equivalent qualification with an officer from the Professional & Management Group; and
  • forward the insurance claim to the Student Affairs Office within six (6) months from the date of accident or illness.
Procedure for Claim due to Death 

In the event of Natural Death (Illness) or Death (due to accidental causes), a parent/next of kin shall:-
  • make the claim in accordance with the Procedure for Claim due to Accident or Illness in paragraph (b) above; and
  • forward a letter of claim to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs).

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Last Update: September 06, 2018