Project Information

University of Malaya Inclusive Map Project is a project that aims to produce a campus map as guide to disabled students in University of Malaya. Apart from that, this map also been created to identify facilities and services provided in almost locations inside main campus. At the same time, this map also can be used as a reference/guidance for prospective disabled students, families and visitors when they visited University of Malaya. Besides that, the administration of University of Malaya can use this map to identify, analysis and design a development plan which is more holistic and inclusive to be apply inside UM's campus.


Five objectives was identified to be achieved through this project and the objectives are as follows:

a) To identify facilities for person with disabled (PWD) provided by University of Malaya in selected locations.

b) To identify the accessibility level in selected locations and accessibility level between one location to another location.

c) To make a documentation in the form of report, picture, video, and also map, of the facilities and location which is accessible and inclusive to PWD and others. 

d) As a guidance to users, especially for disabled students/staffs in University of Malaya to move from one location to other location more convenient and safe.

e) As a main reference to administrations of University of Malaya in planning and implementing facilities and infrastructures development which is more holistic and inclusive. 


University of Malaya Inclusive Map Project is an important and beneficial project to disabled students especially in main campus to move in more convenient and safe. With the existence of this map, it is seem to be the most effective method in auditing accessibility and inclusive level of location in University of Malaya. It is not only important in improving facilities for disabled person in just one place, but it also help the administration of the University of Malaya get a clear picture in planning and implementing the infrastructure development that is more holistic and inclusive to all users so that the welfare and safety of disabled students/staffs is guaranteed.

Project Committee Members

Mohd Rizal Mat Noor 
(Project Leader) - Asia-Europe Institute UM

Khairunnisa Abdul Samad
Academy of Islamic Studies

Jubili Anilik 

Faculty of Law

Muhamad Nadhir Abdul Nasir
Faculty of Arts & Social Science

Muhammad Marwan bin Mohd Tanos
Academy of Malay Studies

Muhammad Amirul Hakimi bin Mohd Kamal
Academy of Islamic Studies

Ibrahim bin Mohd

Academy of Islamic Studies

Last Update: January 03, 2017