Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology

Faculty Science Computer and Information Technology (FSKTM) building have two blocks namely Blok A and Blok B. Blok A comprise from 3 floor and block B consist 4 floor. Administration office exist in A block and can be accessed via counters. In this block, we can also found ramp that can facilitate easy for a movement into this building. There have two lecture theatre in A Blok that can fill as many as 300 people in each time. Lecture theatre can accesses through front door.

In Blok B there are five units tutorial room. Lift facility also prepared in this block. From second floor of block B, there is connected route to A block through a bridge. There is a OKU parking in this block. Laboratory located in both blocks which can be easily accessed. Laboratory that exist in block A in first floor. Meanwhile laboratory in block B located in level below. OKU toilet can be found at level below in both blocks. Cafe in FSKTM located in this back section of building. This cafe have ramp and can be easily accessed.

Faculty of Science

Building involve in disable maps description is Chemistry Department building, Science Biology Institute, Physic Department, New Science Laboratory Building, Science Mathematic Department, Lecturer Hall Complex, The Centre For Information Technology, Zoology Museum Science Biology Institute building, and food court.

Chemistry department building is accessible by wheelchair user using ramp and elevator to access all level of building floor. It is the only way that can be used by wheelchair user to access Science Biology Institute. One OKU toilet provided on the 1st level and also one surau accessible by wheelchair. 

Science Biology Institute Department located behind chemistry department and connected between them. It can be accessed by taking route from Chemistry department. Accessible by wheelchair user only on 2nd level which is SBI Office, Reading Room, and HEP are located. Elevator is provided to access all level of building floor at certain building only. No toilet accessible by wheelchair user.

Between Chemistry Department and Science Biology Institute, a Photostat shop exist on 2nd level but cannot access by wheelchair user because of stairs. There is public toilet provided in Science Faculty located at the front of faculty, which OKU toilet provided. 

Physic Department can be access only through C block building by wheelchair user using ramp and elevator provided. Beside the department, Bioinformatic Department is accessible only on the 1st level of building but OKU toilet are provided at the entrance of department. There is also ramp for wheelchair user access.

New Science Laboratory Building located at the center between Physics, SBI, and PTM building. Accessible by wheelchair user through 3 route. 2 route by walkway which can be access from Science Faculty Route 1. One route can be access from elevator.

Science Mathematic Department is not fully accessible on 1st level of building floor but there is OKU toilet provided. Near the department, Zoology Museum is located. It is accessible only on the 1st level and there is ramp provided for wheelchair user.

Food court located uphill at the back of Science Faculty. It is accessible by wheelchair user using ramp and 4 OKU parking is provided. Lecturer Hall Complex located beside food court and accessible by wheelchair user to all level of building floor using ramp and elevator. Two parking and OKU toilet provided at all level of building floor. There is Surau provided at top level of building. 

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Dentistry have five main building which are Balai Ungku Aziz, Block A, B, D and post graduate building that known as Block C at Faculty of Dentistry. For the first year and second year student, they are placed at Balai Ungku Aziz for their pre-clinical training before move to the Faculty of Dentistry. Balai Ungku Aziz has four floors and located near the Examination hall building. Balai Ungku Aziz only have one block and inaccessible for wheelchair user because no lift provided. Faculty of Dentistry have four blocks which are Block A, Block B, Block C and Block D. Lift provided at Faculty of Dentistry has no braille button and sound system. For the disable people with hearing problem is quite difficult to access.

Block A has three levels and is used by students in third, fourth and fifth year. There are treatment rooms, clinics and lecture rooms in this block. This block is accessible for wheelchair user because has lift provided and connected with Block B at second floor. While, Block B has three floors and has lift provided and can be access from post graduate building that connected at second floor. Block B has administration office, counter, operation theatre and laboratory. Ramp is not provided at entrance area and disable people can access the building through lift. The location of lift at ground floor is not strategic and hidden. The entrance to lift is narrow for wheelchair user to access. Block C or Post Graduate Building has nine floors. There are two lift at this building and no braille button and sound system provided. This building can be access from Bock B at second floor and has ramp constructed for wheelchair user. Clinic and treatment room are located at second floor.

There is toilet for disable people at every floor. The toilet door is installed with door closer buffer. It is heavy and difficult for disable people use. At third floor, there are oral paediatric clinic, orthodontic clinic, special care dentistry clinic, implantology surgery room, x-ray room and conference room. This room is accessible for disable people. There is lecture hall at nine floor and inaccessible for wheelchair user. Block D has four floors. At first floor, there are lecturer rooms, lecture hall and oral surgery clinic. There is lift between these block and located beside PPUM. The Lift at Block D is not follow the standard and requirement by MS1184. The size of lift is small, no braille button and sound system provided.

Faculty of Engineering

There are 25 block at Faculty of Engineering. Building involve are Block L, Block F, Block A, Block B, Block M, Block C, Block D, Block U and Block G. All the administration activities was conducted at Block L. Block L has eight floor, three lecture hall, thirty laboratory and one cafeteria. Parking space for disable people provided near the entrance area but wheelchair user cannot access to the building through entrance area because there is stair at lift lobby. Ramp to access to the building is located behind the building.

There is toilet for disable people at ground floor and installed with sliding timber door. This is just difficult the disable people to access. The lecture halls are inaccessible for wheelchair user because there is small stair at door/entrance area. At fourth floor, there is cafeteria but the design is not suitable for wheelchair user. The size of door is small and narrow and the arrangement of chairs and tables difficult for wheelchair user to access. Surau, deputy dean of the development and lecture halls are located at second floor. Office for undergraduate studies centre is located at third floor. Block M is located behind the Block L. it has 5 floors. The height of the floor is quite high and has curb ramp constructed for wheelchair user. Library is located at 6 floor and no platform provided at sensor space. The chair and table provided are suitable. Two leaves of door used and easy the disable people. Block A has three floor. At ground floor located Laboratory for a prosthetic leg. The gradient of the ramp that constructed in front door is high. It is difficult for wheelchair user access. Block F has one floor.

There is office located here. This block connected with Block G is used by Department of Civil Engineering. There is stair outside the building that connect these block. Block C has 6 floors. There is parking for disable people near the main entrance. Ramp is not provided there. There is toilet for disable people and lift with no sound system. The toilet can accessed but the location of grab bar is not suitable. At third floor, there are unoccupied rooms because this block is a new building. All the rooms are using level handle and easy the user. Block D has 3 floors while Block U has 4 floors. These blocks are not provided with lift and inaccessible for wheelchair user. There are lecture hall, tutorial room and auditorium here. Block J has 4 floors. There are laboratory and meeting room. This block is connected with Block K at third floor and Block K has 4 floor. There is no lift provided and the stair is located at Block J

Last Update: January 03, 2017